Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year.....Currently January 2013

I just love Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade...and not just because she does this awesome "Currently" feature every month. Well this month (technically it is still December as I write this) she got it out a day early so we could all post before we started partying in the New Year.

We are having a low-key New Year's Eve because the hubs is sick and my son and I have been having a pajamas and movies marathon since about 4 this afternoon. I needed to take a little break so I hopped on and started reading my blog feed.

So here is mine....

Here in South Carolina people set off fireworks as much on New Years Eve as they do Fourth of July. I love me some fireworks, however, my puppies hate them and have been pacing nervously every since the fanfare began a few hours ago. Hopefully this will not last all night (so far it 9:30 and still going strong).

Loving the time I have had with my family. We have not done anything over the top... didn't even go on the two day trips we talked about going on at the start of break. My husband has been off with my son and I the entire 13 days which is a first! So we have just had fun being together, playing the PlayStation 3 my son got for Christmas, watching movies, cooking meals together and chilling.

While I don't want that to end, I am excited about getting back to school Wednesday and seeing my students  I think about them a lot over break because they don;t all have the best home lives so I worry about them a little. Plus I know that for several of them, the free breakfast and lunch we provide during the school year makes up the majority of the food they get daily, so with school being out, I worry about if they are getting enough to eat. I pray they had a safe and enjoyable holiday break and I can't wait to hear about to when we all get back later this week.

My OLW for 2013...EXCITED. I am excited about the trip my husband and I are taking in April to Las Vegas for our anniversary. I am excited about planning our 5th grade graduation ceremony and celebration. My students have been with me for 2 years so I am going to have a hard time saying goodbye but I am excited for the new experiences they will have ext year in Middle School. I am excited for the opportunities my son has coming up this summer with church and Boy Scouts. We figured it out the other day, he already had 6 of the 10 weeks he gets off for the summer book with various camps, trips and activities. I am also excited to be going back to school myself in June. I am going to begin working on a Masters in Library Science or Educational Technology (depends on which program/school I get accepted to). I know it will be a lot of work, but I am ready for the new doors this additional degree may open, professionally.

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Happy New Year 2013!!!


  1. The fireworks around my house drive me crazy too! WE live across from a park and people light them up all the time. It drives our poor dog nuts! How awesome to be planning a trip to Vegas - definitely on my wishlist!

  2. Someone near me set off a HUGE fireworks show, so I enjoy it from my living room. :) I also could use a few more days... I really love being a couch potato! :)

    Happy New Year!

    Miss R's Room

  3. We love our fireworks in South Carolina, don't we? I love your OLW...I'd be excited, too, with everything you have planned :)
    Fun in Room 4B

  4. I loop as well. I teach both 5th and 6th grade reading. I love looping with the kids. I feel like we get some much more done.


  5. i loved looping and hope to do it again... not with this class maybe go back to 3rd and loop to 4th... thanks for linking up and way jealous of your Vegas trip

  6. We're neighbors SC friend!! ;) And your year sounds super exciting. I've never been to Vegas. I'm not at all much for gambling {mostly because I'm no good at it} but I'd love to go see the shows and get caught up in the hype...which I'm really good at! :) Our Christmas & NYE were super low key but it was time with my family that we don't often get together so it was perfect. I hope you can carry some of that peace & calm with you when school starts again!

    I'm also hosting a linky party and I'd love for you to check it out. It's a little different than the standard link up...but totally worth it. ;)
    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  7. Just stumbled across your blog and I love stumbling across fellow teacher bloggers!

    Me and my hubs had a low-key NYE as well due to the fact that I was sick! Hope your hubs is feeling better now... But, sometimes all you need is a lazy day of lounging in your PJ's anyways! :)

    Our pups must be twins because they seriously light off SOO many fireworks here in Texas well and my dogs were SOO scared. One of them hid under the table for a good two hours. And even AFTER the enormous amount of fireworks, she still wouldn't attempt to go outside and go potty! :( It doesn't help that we live in an apt so there were even MORE people shooting them off!

    We also must work in a lot of the same district because I too have been worrying about my babies since break has started, for the exact same reason. Actually, 100% of my students are on free lunch (I don't even have any on reduced lunch this year) and I have a good handful of homeless students this year and have been worrying about them CONSTANTLY.

    You guys go back REALLY early! We don't go back until Monday!

    Newest follower! :)