Saturday, August 18, 2012

This makes me so proud to be a teacher.....especially in Greenville, SC!

Let's face it...teaching is a hard job! We're all is a thankless job, we know that, and seldom do we get the recognition that we deserve! But, every once in a while, we do get a little recognition, and when it comes from your peers, it makes it so much more meaningful. I am honored to represent my school this year as Teacher of The Year. Yesterday, I attended a luncheon with all the other teachers in our county who were selected as their school's Teacher of the Year. The County also announced it's Teacher of the Year, selected from all the individual school candidates.

This year's Greenville County Teacher of the Year is Mr. Will Raglan, a drama teacher at Woodmont High School. His acceptance speech was so motivating, and inspiring. It made me proud to be a teacher...and it made me want to be a better teacher, starting at that very moment. Click HERE to watch the video of Will's acceptance speech.

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  1. I love speeches like that. It always makes me feel like I took the right job. Congrats on being your school's teacher of the year. What an honor!

    The Teaching Thief