Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Have you heard...Class Dojo has a great new feature.

This summer I have blogged a few times about Class Dojo. If you have not read my posts, check them out HERE and HERE.  Today Class Dojo officially launched a new version which includes an awesome new feature called "Groups" for awarding points to groups of students. Click here for more info on Groups. 

I heard about this feature a month or so ago on the Class Dojo Mentor Community Facebook page. I was so excited because I have my students working in groups a lot and this feature will allow me to award points to everyone in the groups more easily since I wont have to click on multiple students. 

Working in collaborative groups has always been tough for my 5th graders form year to year. There is always one student who wants to boss everyone else around one who is content to let others do the work and one who fusses with everyone else and just cant get along. I am hoping when I introduce Class Dojo to my new class of 5th graders in a few weeks, to encourage collaboration and teamwork right off the bat. 

One of the ways I am thinking about using this new feature is to put my class in tribes or teams to get them to compete against other teams for earning points. I currently give out prizes at the end of each 9 weeks for highest points (my 3 top students) earned, But now I may do top group for points earning too. 

Whether you are using Class Dojo or not, go over and check out this new feature. I would love to her what you think so leave me a comment below. Since I am part of the Class Dojo Mentor Community I would love to pass your comment on to the developers at Class Dojo also. 

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