Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I'm back! It has been  week, I know but this last week of my 4 week grad class has kicked my booty!

So I am excited that today is the first of July..not only because it means that the 4th is right around the corner, but also because it means that Farley over at "Oh Boy Fourth Grade" is doing her monthly Currently. She is SOOOO creative. And I love how REAL she is!. Anyway, read my Currently, and if you are interested in linking up and meeting some great new bloggers, head over to Farley's blog.

It is so quiet here....listening to pure, beautiful silence! Last night my son had 2 friends spend the night last night. They had been in the river all evening so they were tired but 3 boys as opposed to 1 boy made our house a little noisier last night and this morning. But they are headed to the lake for the day so my house is once again quiet. Good  thing because i have a lot of work to do!

We taped the Womens World Cup game last night since we were going to be at a friend's house on the river. I am loving that they beat Germany 2-0 and are going to the finals! We got home about 9:30 and I watched it with the boys. We already knew the result but it was great to see Team USA in action. My son is a bit of a soccer freak so he was going absolutely nuts each time they scored.

I am taking two grad classes this summer towards my Masters in Library and Information Science. Both classes are 4 weeks long and pretty intense. The first one ended yesterday but I still have to write and submit a final paper by July 13th for that class. It is a 15 page research proposal and I am having a hard time getting started. I actually need to have it written by the 11th because I leave for the beach on the 12th. I need to stop thinking about this paper, and just write it!

I admire all these bloggers who also create and share such amazing products on Teachers Pay Teachers. I have really been wanting to open my own tPt store for several years but since I started grad school, I really have not had the time. I have lots of ideas for fun and exciting products, just don't have time to sit down and create....but the desire is there...just need to turn it into reality. 

As I mentioned before, I am moving rooms this year. Our school has grown so much that we have added 2 portable classrooms and me and my BTF are the lucky ducks (hint of sarcasm there) who get to move into the new portables.  I have boxed up some of my stuff but have so much more to do. The portables are supposed to be delivered sometime this month so I am anxious to get in and see how much space I have, the layout and such and get going. I have dreams about once a week about this move so I am needing  to get in there and get going on it or I'll be haunted by this all summer! 

Finally, my All Star--what I am great at. This is something everyone says about me....I can be counted on. I am the first to arrive to set up and the last to leave after things are cleaned up, if you have a project, task etc. that needs to be done, I am your person! I am DEPENDABLE. I am not sure it is my all-star power, but it is something that sort of defines me. 

Well, thanks for reading....and thanks for stopping by my blog. If you want to do a "CURRENTLY" of you own (its so fun!), don't forget to head to Farley's blog. Oh, and don;t forget to red her Rule of Three and follow it forward!


  1. Silence is golden! Kudos to you for some quiet time! And I totally understand about grad school sucking up all of your time. But definitely start a TpT shop as soon as you're finished. Like blogging, TpT is a great community to be a part of!


  2. Hi Patti! I hear you on the grad papers. I'm working on my doctorate in education and taking back-to-back courses in an accelerated program (so 3-6 days off between each course depending upon when I finish the last assignment). My last course had a big 10 page comprehensive paper covering the whole first year of the program. If you didn't pass the paper, you didn't get to move on. Even with that pressure, I procrastinated on it a bit because it's just so hard to sit down and get to it sometimes.

  3. Good luck with your paper! I use to hate writing those. I always put it off until the last minute and then rushed to get them done:/ Have fun at the beach too!!

    The Busy Busy Hive